Miss Africa is blowing full steam as its creators (the Government of Cross River State) are focused on fulfilling its promise of promoting, showcasing, and developing Cross River State, as well as Nigeria’s environmental and eco-friendly lifestyle with the amalgamation of beauty, fashion, nature, and charity.

The Miss Africa Calabar Nigeria Beauty Pageant is a brainchild of Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade, The Executive Governor of Cross River State, who himself is a strong environmental activist, a man who can give up everything he has, for the protection of the environment. A vibrant leader and entrepreneur whose resume spans over decades, with vivid goals, clarity, and work ethics soaked in specificity.

Miss Africa Initiatives


Challenging the COVID-19 Pandemic across Africa, profiling lasting solutions to the negative effects it possesses on our continent, learning to embrace the New Normal.

The prestigious and international brand, the Miss Africa Pageant, an initiative of the Cross River State Government to add value to the annual Christmas Festival/Carnival Calabar.

The Fifth Edition is slated for the 27th of December 2020 at the Calabar International Convention Centre, Cross River State, Nigeria. It promises to host 20 African Beauties and Brains across Africa

The contestants would be camped for 3weeks where they would be mentored, drilled, and taught how to speak, walk and behave respectively, becoming a voice and face of positive change across communities. The grand finale would crown the Fifth Miss Africa Calabar Queen 2021.

She will lead other contestants in campaigning to make AFRICA a better place for humanity by promoting the African content Positively to the world at large.

Miss Africa Calabar 2020 pageant will be hosted by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Prof. Senator Ben Ayade


Africanisms refers to characteristics of African culture that can be traced through societal practices and institutions of the African diaspora. Throughout history, the dispersed descendants of African people have displayed many forms of cultural retention of their African ancestry. Also, common throughout history is the misunderstanding of these remittances and their meanings, hence, this edition is created to change the narrative of the African history and the rich cultural heritage. The Pageant Contestants will display true Africanism using their countries indigenous cultural heritage to tell the true stories of their heritage, mineral resources, human capacities, and tourism and investment opportunities in their country and how it will benefit Africa for Africans at large. This edition also aimed at uniting African communities and the leadership of our great Motherland in the battle against hatred, poverty, self-enslavement, xenophobic, corruption and all the issues that make us less human to the rest of the world.

It is time to raise a True African beautiful, elegant and intelligent Queen that would stand tall of the African walkway with the heels of confidence, fearless face and audible voice to challenge the negativity that has been attached to the black skin over the years… Take up actions and push policies that would make the entire Africa continent habitable for Africans and a business-friendly environment for foreign investments, establishing the pride of Africa across the Globe.

Also, not forgetting to take on the message of Climate change, creating awareness on the negative effect it’s possessing on the motherland, how it is reshaping human civilization. How we respond will determine the future of the human race. Our food system, our economies, our cities, and communities are all adapting to climate change globally. The fate of our planet we call home is uncertain and it is in our interest to come together and address the challenges we face.

Such challenges include climate stability, storm and erosion prevention, access to fresh drinking water, food security and also addressing the issues of sole dependence on fossil fuels, vulnerable coast, deforestation, Land use, and insufficient funding.

Scientist estimates that by 2050, we need to reduce worldwide emissions to at least 1990 levels in order to avoid further harmful impacts from climate change. It’s an urgent call, and it requires an equally urgent response. Around the world, many of the most vulnerable communities are already struggling to cope with the impacts of climate change. Our lifestyle must change towards eco-friendly lifestyle; reuse, reduce, reject what you cannot reuse, proper disposal of plastic waste to reduce the influx of plastic into the sea which in turn affects aquatic life.

The time to embrace our cultural heritage, God given resources and pride in the black continent in NOW….

Welcome to Destination Cross River, Africa’s Warmest welcome.


It is no longer a cliché that the world at large is riddled with climate change challenges that are rapidly sabotaging global actions to meet up with the SDG’s in 2030. Africa’s sustainability equation had been compromised by rising desertification and flooding threatening food security and promoting conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa, growing incidence of diseases, water crisis, and high unemployment rates. Nigeria with the highest deforestation rates and excessive flaring in the wetlands of the Niger Delta area, battling with water pollution which has over the years discouraged both aquatic and land farming is partly an indicator of the reality of Climate change and global warming in Africa.

We as African leaders need to be more involved and join forces together to fight the negative effects climate change poses on our land for the future we want. The need to create massive awareness on eco lifestyle, eco-cities, green technologies and change in our environmental behaviour to aid the battle against climate change with a synergy between businesses and government communities to transform policies into green community development practices cannot be overemphasized.

We the Government and people of Cross River State recognizes the urgency in joining voices with the world to promote green economy for sustainable development in Africa, hence we bring to you the first ever pan African beauty pageant brand set to take the tourism and hospitality industry in Africa and the rest of the world by storm. This maiden edition which is slated to hold in Cross River State, Calabar, Nigeria seeks to crown a beauty queen, a green ambassador, a green voice with the responsibility to champion the fight against climate change and promote GREEN ECONOMY AS A TOOL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, whilst merging beauty with nature and a tenacious cause centered around creating the much needed awareness on Man’s direct and indirect impact on her environment.

On the 26th of November 2016, we hosted 18 beauty queens representing 18 African countries as the world witnesses elegant, imaginative and confident young African Ladies compete for the first ever Miss Africa Crown, geared towards a green course. The maiden edition was intriguing and exceptional from the norm and would be the beginning of the change we want and further promoting, showcasing and developing Cross River State, as well as Nigeria’s environmental and eco-friendly lifestyle with the amalgamation of beauty, fashion, nature, and charity.

I, Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade, The Executive Governor of Cross River State, is a strong environmental activist, I am pledging my green foot and joining voices with other world leaders to fight climate change and fast track the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

I welcome Africa and the world at large to the Eco-tourism destination, a place where you and your family can spend the Christmas Holidays and as well witness our annual mind-blowing world standard 30days of non-stop colourful Festival and Carnival Calabar.